• 4 x 12" chrome wire spoked white wall wheels & axle set


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    12" traditional old style go kart wheels. Chrome wire spokes and rims. Pneumatic white wall tyres with two bearings in each wheel. 600mm or 550m x 12mm axles with washers and R clip wheel retainers.Space between wheels 470mm or 380mm Max weight 50 - 60 kg. Not suitable for drifting. 

    Stub axle sizes 12m x 120m long 70 x 50 x 5m plate M8 bolt holes includes R clip wheel retainer. Fits wheels up to 50mm wide centre hub. Max weight approx 50-60 kg. Please note although these axles allow you to make your kart the required width you need. They also must be bolted to a much thicker piece off wood at least 50mm thick for stronger support.