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John Roberts 
Building go karts has always been fun times... I used anything I could find as a lad. Now we live in a cyber internet gaming world, I want to encourage children and parents back outside to enjoy the frills of go kart building that I experienced growing up. 

Finding suitable wheels is the biggest challenge... the old silver cross wire spoked pram wheels were the most popular but very hard to find these days... next problem what to use for axles?

In 2005 Go Kart Daddy was created and I started making axles in my workshop to easily fit suitable wheels for DIY wooden go kart projects. Over the years we have progressed and specialise in complete go kart kits for schools, colleges, team building events & family fun days out.
We have also built our business by supplying carefully selected quality products from a number of suppliers. 

If you would like any other information or have any questions need answering then please Contact Us