• BERG GO² SparX Yellow Ride & Pedal


    Helping your child to learn to scoot and go kart is easy with a BERG GO²! First of all, your child learns to sit on the GO² with the pedals folded up. Pushing off with one little foot on the ground will create a forward motion and, before you know it, your child has learnt how to scoot. 

    Scooting has now been mastered; the next step is to fold down the pedals. This can easily be done in one movement. Thanks to the ergonomic design of the GO², your child will not catch his or her little feet on the pedals or rear wheels. The BERG GO² is designed in such a way that your child always sits perfectly without having to adjust the steering wheel or the saddle! When your child grows, he or she will automatically sit further back.

    BERG GO² Spar X Features:

    • Starts of as a Scooter with Pedals Folded Up
    • Has Foldaway Pedals
    • Teach Them to Pedal when Pedals are Down
    • Can Attach either the Push Handle or Carrying Strap
    • Easy and Light Pedalling
    • EVA Tyres
    • Meets the CE and TUV standards