• BMW Street Racer


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    Expected: 29/Jun/2020
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    Race through the streets with your own genuine BMW Street Racer!

    This cool go-kart is the perfect balance between the race DNA of BMW and the technology of BERG. Race with screeching tyres through the streets and stop safely thanks to the coaster brake and large sport wheels.
    Due to the swing axle this go-kart has perfect road holding and keeping your pedals still during the ride is no problem thanks to the freewheel. With this cool go-kart you are guaranteed to finish in first place and after playing you can put away your go-kart easily by parking it upright in the shed!

    BERG BMW Street Racer Features:

    • Design officially approved by BMW
    • Swing Axle
    • Can be driven forwards, backwards and stopping all by one pedal thanks to the BFR hub
    • Many years of use due to Adjustable Seat
    • Many years of use due to Adjustable Height Steering Wheel
    • Sports wheels with ball bearings
    • Pneumatic Tyres
    • Very Safe due to 4 wheels
    • Can be stored away in an upright position
    7 - 10 days delivery time