• Buddy Pink & White Pedal Go Kart


    This go kart comes with both an adjustable steering wheel and seat giving the user many years of excitement and happiness with this go kart as they grow with it.

    The tough bright white and pink go kart is just brilliant for playing outdoors because of the BFR hub system that is inbuilt. This allows to both freewheel and use it as a coaster brake.

    Built to be very sturdy and safe, a smooth ride is also guaranteed due to the swing axle. This four wheel junior go kart has been designed to be used by children in both the home and commercial environments.  


    • Long wearing thick rubber Pneumatic tyres made from thick rubber
    • Can be driven forwards, backwards and stopping all by one pedal thanks to the BFR hub
    • Many years of use due to Adjustable Seat
    • Many years of use due to Adjustable Height Steering Wheel
    • Swing Axle giving perfect road holding
    • Wheels with Ball Bearing hubs and Pneumatic Tyres
    • Easy to Store (Stand in Up Right Position if needed)
    • 3 to 8 years