• DINO Graffiti F Commercial Go Kart


    This DINO Graffiti F is a commercial standard go-kart that has its roots as part of the DINO Editions range. Now available with the F Hub, it can be used in both commercial or domestic situations.

    Specially built for use in the commercial market like farm parks, campsites and amusement parks.Not only is it suitable for the commercial market, but if you are looking for a strong and sturdy go-kart for domestic use as well, then look no further than this very striking go-kart.

    This striking looking go-kart comes with the commercial F Hub and quality Heavy Duty Off-Road Style tyres. It is built using the popular commercial F hub which is a forward drive gear only.

    Built in Germany by one of the world's best-known go-kart manufacturers, and with a very high safety standard built in, this gives every child the chance to have their own little bit of fun and excitement.