• Classic radio flyer wagon


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    Let your child ride in style on adventures and picnics with laughter and Joy. Kids can pull and push their fun kart which has steerable front wheels. Ideal for mum & dad to carry pots and plants in the garden too.

    Very well made all steel this one not wood with a seamless body with no-scratch edges Classic radio flyer wagon with a built-in seat back for child comfort

    Seat belt for added safety

    Extra-long handle for easy pulling

    Durable moulded wheels

    No-pinch ball joint keeps fingers safe

    Controlled turning radius prevents tipping

    Ages:For ages over 1 Year
    Body:34" L x 15.5" W x 4" H
    Handle to Floor:37.5"
    Interior Body Dimension:31.75" & 14"
    Wheels:7" x 1.5"
    Weight:21.38 lbs.
    Weight Capacity:150 lbs.= 68 kg
    Carton Dimensions:34.99" L x 4.38" W x 16.04" H