• BERG Jeep Sahara


    With its Jeep grill, solid hood, unique steering wheel and off-road tyres, this Jeep Buzzy Sahara offers unforgettable driving pleasure.

    On this Jeep your child can tackle any terrain. The direct drive system makes pedalling supple and light. In this Sahara you can tear through puddles, plough through sand and venture into wooded areas effortlessly!

    The Jeep Buzzy Sahara’s 4 EVA tyres keep the go-kart firmly on the ground. Your child will therefore sit safely and securely. The steering wheel and seat are adjustable, making this Jeep suitable for children aged 2-5.

    • Min user height 80 cm
    • Max user height 120 cm
    • Max user weight 30 kg
    • Parental supervision necessary Yes
    • Safety mark TÜV + CE
    • Assembly time ±30 min
    • General Recommended age 2 - 5 years
    • Length 83 cm Width 49 cm Height 50 cm
    • Free UK delivery