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ATK Green Wheels & Axle Set

ATK Green Wheels & Axle Set

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If you'd rather build your own traditional wooden go-kart, then our DIY Wooden Go Kart Kit is the perfect starter pack. 

When building your own box kart or go kart you need to ensure you have the very best wheels. Not only for safety sake but to ensure they are also compatible with the axles.

Our wheels are not only safe, they are also stylish and give the Karter the smoothest of rides.

  • Four strong 12" polypropylene lime green wheels with dual bearings and all terrain inflatable tyres, fitted with cranked valves for easy access.

  • Two powder coated steel axles with welded fixing brackets and quick release R Clips for easy wheel removal (47cm internal measurement wheel to wheel with two 6cm stub axles, 59cm overall).

  • Axle fixing bolts, washers and R Clips provided.

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