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ATK Wooden Go Kart Sport

ATK Wooden Go Kart Sport

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The ATK Sport Go Kart is similar to the ATK Classic Go Kart but has uprated wheels featuring: 

Puncture-spoof high density rubber tyres

Strengthened black rims

The wheels are therefore stronger plus you'll never be troubled with a puncture.

The ATK Sport Wooden Go Kart is aimed at boys and girls aged5 to 16. Think of it as a combination of a scooter, mountain-board and toboggan. With its run-flat tyres and durable frame, the ATK Sport can be used on any surface and is far more versatile than a pedal kart. The adjustable seat back can fold down for the child to use the ATK Go Kart to scoot along or as a bobsleigh, pushing it along to gain momentum then jumping on to enjoy the ride.

Our Wooden Go Karts are designed in Britain and are thoroughly tested to CE standards. It also comes with a strong dual-action brake so you can control the speed or stop as required.

The ATK Sport Kart is ideal for use in the local park, sports ground or simply down grassy hills where children might toboggan in winter. It fits in the boot of a hatchback, or on a bike rack, and is light enough for a child to pull it along on its back wheels by the bull bar

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